Welcome to Tiger Resort

Bardia tiger resort P. Ltd is Located just in front of bardia National Park HQ Entrance where from is allow to get inside park to visit, the Company is established by all nature Lover Members who we are working since more than 25 years in protected Area of Nepal, Its Great Place to Share that experience and knowledge of conservation and management about national park and conservation and management about national park and conservation areas for well future of Eco-tourism and conservation as well. Our mission is for minimized all conflict of park & people provided partial support to wild life victim family like education and health facility and build great relationship for better conservation in future and use local people to employee in tourism.

We support wildlife victim people to create good environment for think positively and support them to involve as their own properties be more friendly together for bardia national parks future management and promote Eco-tourism sustainable future.

Our Features

Wildlife Tour

Bardia national park famed for its rich and abundant wilderness, and wildlife sighting is a must when a trip to this beautiful land.

Delicious Food

We provides delicious tasty food that you do not feel like you are depriving yourself.We provide calorie control meals that are based on your choice.

Inhouse Resturant

We offer many kinds of foods on our in house restaurant our service is also very good .please visit


We provides good Accommodation in our resort we have 80 people capacity in our resort .