Activities in Bardia

There are a wide variety of ways to explore the park, allowing you to target different animals and birds in different areas. Our guide will discuss recent sightings with you and your own personal interests, and tailor your visits into the park around these. Some of the more popular activities on offer include:

  • Jungle walks (half or full day walks from the lodge into the park. You’ll do a lot of walking and hopefully some tiger tracking, but have regular breaks at watch towers and areas the guides know are good for spotting larger animals).
  • Elephant safaris(one or two hour safaris into the park in the early morning or late afternoon, mainly targetting rhino sightings) .
  • Rafting through the park(one of the best ways to travel through the park, this easy rafting trip starts at the spectacular Karnali bridge and finishes by the Elephant stables. There are swimming opportunities, and you should see a wide variety of the parks wildlife, hopefully including Gangetic dolphins. The tour also includes some short jungle walks and breaks at good wildlife viewing spots. The tour finishes with a fun local ox-cart ride back to the lodge).
  • Jungle Drives(explore the park by jeep, allowing you to cover a lot more ground and enjoy some short jungle walks and breaks at well known spotting sites).
  • Bird Watchingwalks (morning and afternoon walking tours from the lodge, in surrounding areas and into the park)
  • Cycling (a variety of short or full-day cycling tours to visit black buck habitats, and tiny local villages where you can see and learn about the life of the local Tharu community).
  • Gharial crocodiles trip(drive from the lodge to see native Gharial crocodiles basking on the river bank. There’s also a great spot under a large bridge en-route to the camp from Nepalgunj where we normally see both Gharial and Mugger crocodiles).
  • Tharu culture programme(evening display and explanation of local Tharu dances and culture).